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Fall in MaineThe Maine Bureau Of Insurance gave final approval to Maine Merchants Self-Funded Workers' Compensation Trust on March 1, 1992. This culminated 2 years of arduous dealings with actuaries, attorneys, CPA's and the Maine Bureau Of Insurance. Without a doubt, the Workers' Compensation market was in a crisis situation and your concerns expressed to the Maine Merchants Association about the rising cost and the availability of a workers' compensation market was heard.

The Maine Merchants Self-Funded Workers' Compensation Trust is designed to offer our member firms a stable workers' compensation program which, in the long run, will bring stability and generate dollar savings. However, in order to insure the success of our Workers' Compensation Trust, the Maine Bureau of Insurance and the Board of Trustees have imposed underwriting guidelines which must be met before a member is allowed to participate.

We are committed to bringing you a quality workers' compensation program which will enhance your bottom line. Our workers' compensation program is being offered to all members of the Retail Association of Maine and Hospitality Maine.